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Author's Comments:
Title: "Second Chance"
By: jade_eyed_angel
Song:The Days by Avicii
Running time:3:40
Genre:Romance, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2015-09-04
xvid X264    3:40
Inuyasha's second chance, will it be happier than his first?

Author's Comments:
Title: "Time Waits for No One"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Illuminated by Hurts
Video:Chrono Crusade
Running time:3:26
Genre:Sentimental, Drama, Romance, Action, Character Profile
Downloads: Released: 2012-05-17
xvid X264    3:26
Is about the time chrono and rosette have left, that the time don't wait and the video shows what they have gone through and what Rosette had to go through with her brother, so that's about the story line of it. enjoy!

Author's Comments:
Title: "The Fame Monster"
By: aimoaio
Song:Bad Romance, Monster, Alejandro, Dance in the Dark, Teeth, T by Lady Gaga
Running time:9:54
Genre:Action, Drama, Character Profile
Downloads: Released: 2012-05-02
xvid X264    9:54  On A-M-V.org
Lady Gaga MEP

Author's Comments:
Title: "The Contract"
By: AimoAio
Song:Miss Murder by AFI
Video:Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Running time:3:26
Genre:Action, Drama, Character Profile
Downloads: Released: 2012-03-16
xvid X264    3:26  On A-M-V.org
Made for AMV-France Online Contest

Author's Comments:
Title: "Kyrie"
By: AimoAio
Song:Judas by Lady Gaga
Running time:2:45
Genre:Romance, Drama, Horror
Downloads: Released: 2011-07-01
xvid X264    2:45  On A-M-V.org
Stalking the one you love.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Shattered Tears"
By: Pocho
Song:Pitter-Pat by Erin McCarley
Video: 5 Centimeters Per Second
Running time:4:22
Genre:Drama. Romance, Sentimental
Downloads: Released: 2011-03-02
xvid X264    4:22  On A-M-V.org
The past and present are entwining with each other.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Lovestruck Melody"
By: ZetZu
Song:Your Love Is A Song by Switchfoot
Video:5 Centimeters Per Second, Bokura Ga Ita, Honey and Clover, N
Running time:4:46
Genre:Drama, Romance, Sentimental
Downloads: Released: 2010-12-14
xvid X264    4:46  On A-M-V.org
ZetZu: Hey Susie! We are making a collab for Akross! I just cut the song, here are your tracks! *sends zip file* While downloading that, here's the song we're using :) *links* Chiiisus: ... o.o -clicks- ZetZu: Okay so we're entering Romance/Drama. We have to be finished in less than a month! Nice. I'll call you after I've taken a shower :) *goes away* Chiiisus: this song is pretty... -END-

Author's Comments:
Title: "Summer Sunshine"
By: AimoAio
Song:Summer Sunshine by The Corrs
Running time:2:52
Genre:Romance, Drama, Comedy
Downloads: Released: 2010-07-13
xvid X264    2:52  On A-M-V.org
I seem to be on a sappy, happy romance editing streak lately xDDD Enjoy?

Author's Comments:
Title: "Stand My Ground"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Stand My Ground by Within Temptation
Video:Buffy the vampire slayer
Running time:4:10
Genre:Drama, Action
Downloads: Released: 2010-03-26
xvid X264    4:10
Enjoy the video!

Author's Comments:
Title: "We Were There"
By: ZetZu
Song:Tsuki (cut) by Ellegarden
Video:Bokura Ga Ita
Running time:1:41
Genre:Romance, Drama, Trailer
Downloads: Released: 2009-10-10
xvid X264    1:41  On A-M-V.org
My entry for the first round of Project Editor II, the theme of the round was "create a tribute for your favorite anime".

Author's Comments:
Title: "Seventh heaven"
By: bakadeshi
Song:I'll Atack by 30 Seconds To mars
Video:Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers (Movie)
Running time:3:08
Genre:Romance, Action, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2009-09-19
xvid X264    3:08  On A-M-V.org
Its just a simply edited dramatic action video to the Eurika Seven movie, mostly following the story of the movie with a few little tweaks.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Sweet Drift"
By: Kain-x-spirits
Song:This Place is a Prison by The Postal Service
Video:Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho, Air, Bartender, Black Lagoon
Running time:3:25
Genre:Sentimental, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2009-07-07
xvid X264    3:25  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Feel Alive"
By: JenCM18
Song:Comatose by Skillet
Video:Ef a tale of memories
Running time:3:54
Genre:Romance, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2009-06-09
xvid X264    3:54

Author's Comments:
Title: "Chained to the Sun"
By: jade_eyed_angel
Song:Who Knew by Pink
Video:Ef - A Tale Of Memories
Running time:3:55
Genre:Romance, Drama, Character Profile, Sentimental
Downloads: Released: 2009-01-04
xvid X264    3:55

Author's Comments:
Title: "Our Farewell"
By: ZetZu
Song:We are broken by Paramore
Video:Bokura ga ita
Running time:4:19
Genre:Drama, Romance, Sentimental
Downloads: Released: 2008-12-15
xvid    4:19  On A-M-V.org
My own personal favorite amv, created by myself that is. Whatever you say - It's awesome :3

Author's Comments:
Title: "Photograph"
By: niwa-kun
Song:Brightly Wound by Eisley
Video:Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru
Running time:3:07
Genre:Romance, Drama, Sentimental
Downloads: Released: 2008-12-02
xvid    3:07
coming soon

Author's Comments:
Title: "Only You"
By: bakadeshi
Song:Goodbye Lover by James Blunt
Video:Tada Kimi wo Aishiteru (Heavenly Forest)
Running time:4:60
Genre:Romance, Sentimental, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2008-11-16
xvid X264    4:60
This is a live action music video about a bittersweet romance story about a girl told from the guy's perspective. I hope you enjoy!

Author's Comments:
Title: "Clarity"
By: jade_eyed_angel
Song:Heal the World by Michael Jackson
Running time:4:19
Genre:Drama, Romance, Sentimental, Serious
Downloads: Released: 2008-10-07
xvid X264    4:19
Stuff O:

Author's Comments:
Title: "Lacrima"
By: -BL-
Song:Will You Remember by the cranberries
Video:True Tears, Original 3D Animation
Running time:2:18
Genre:Romance, Sentimental, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2008-09-14
xvid X264    2:18  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Oh Glory"
By: JenCM18
Song: by Paramore
Video:Elfen Lied
Running time:3:19
Genre:Action, Romance, Drama, Serious, Characpter Profile
Downloads: Released: 2008-09-12
xvid X264    3:19  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Mimzy (Failed BBQ)"
By: jade_eyed_angel
Song:More Than This by Emmie
Video:Interlude OVA, Air, Karas 1+2, Mushi-Shi, Origin
Running time:3:42
Genre:Drama, Romance, Sentimental, Serious, Upbeat, Fun, Dance
Downloads: Released: 2008-06-02
xvid    3:42
We tried to bbq stuff, but we failed really bad and made an amv instead.... ^_^

Author's Comments:
Title: "More than Enough"
By: ZetZu
Song:Simply being loved (somnambulist) by BT
Video:ef - a tale of memories
Running time:2:27
Genre:Character Profile, Drama, Romance, Serious
Downloads: Released: 2008-04-23
xvid X264    2:27  On A-M-V.org
My (what seems to be) most popular AMV so far. Using eye-candy effects and various ways of syncing, it turned out pretty alright =)

Author's Comments:
Title: "Sin"
By: -BL-
Song:Red by The Birthday Massacre
Video:Sola, Original 3D Animation
Running time:1:11
Genre:Drama, Instrumental
Downloads: Released: 2008-03-10
xvid X264    1:11  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "The Duck, The Prince, and the raven"
By: bakadeshi
Song:Pride by Hamasaki Ayumi
Video:Princess Tutu, Whisper of the heart
Running time:4:08
Genre:Sentimental, Instrumental, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2007-11-22
xvid    4:08  On A-M-V.org
A Pseudo Fairytale story being told as if being red from the pages of an old book, using Princess tutu as the source for the fairytale, and Whisper of the heart as the protagonist reading the story.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Our Story"
By: -BL-
Song:Yamiyo no prologue by Yuki Kajiura
Video:Beyond The Clouds
Running time:1:40
Genre:Drama, Instrumental, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2007-10-19
xvid X264    1:40  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Whisper in The Dark"
By: niwa-kun
Song:Whisper in The Dark by Skillet
Video:Elfen Lied
Running time:3.24
Genre:Drama, Horror
Downloads: Released: 2007-08-02
xvid X264    3.24  On A-M-V.org
Video: Whisper In The Dark Anime: Elfen Lied Song: Whispers In The Dark Artist: Skillet Creator: Niwa-kun

Author's Comments:
Title: "Shards of Faith"
By: jade_eyed_angel
Song:Meant to Live by Switchfoot
Video:Chrno Crusade
Running time:3:33
Genre:Action, Drama, Horror
Downloads: Released: 2007-04-24
xvid X264    3:33
sexyness! O:

Author's Comments:
Title: "Stuck on the Battlefield"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Battlefield by Vanilla Ninja
Running time:3:25
Genre:Action, Drama, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2007-04-20
xvid X264    3:25
This video was completed on 4-20-07.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Satellite"
By: jade_eyed_angel
Song:On My Shoulder by Westlife
Video:Chrno Crusade
Running time:4:12
Genre:Drama, Romance, Sentimental
Downloads: Released: 2007-01-10
xvid X264    4:12  On A-M-V.org
Az chara prof thingy =]

Author's Comments:
Title: "Twenty Four"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:"24" by Jem
Video:Daredevil and Elektra
Running time:4:05
Genre:Character Profile, Action, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2006-07-27
xvid    4:05
Video I had just completed 7-27-06. I kind of rushed the ending, but it looks good all the same.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Lose Myself"
By: JenCM18
Song:Only when I lose myself by Depeche Mode
Video:Sailor Moon Stars
Running time:4:40
Genre:Drama, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2006-07-13
xvid    4:40  On A-M-V.org
A remake of my other one. Footage is ripped from the Region 2 dvds of Sailor Moon Stars.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Shattered Dreams - Hinamori Momo's story"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Angels by Within Temptation
Running time:4:08
Genre:Character Profile, Drama, Action
Downloads: Released: 2006-05-18
xvid    4:08  On A-M-V.org
This is a character profile on Hinamori Momo from bleach, the vice captain of the 5th squad, and her relationship with Aizen and Hitsugaya. The video is told from the point of view as being in her head as she lies in comma in her hospital bed. The events in the AMV is what led to her being there.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Through the Tears"
By: jade_eyed_angel
Song:Listen To Your Heart by DHT
Video:Onegai Twins!
Running time:4:13
Genre:Romance, Sentimental, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2006-05-01
xvid    4:13  On A-M-V.org
AU twins story ^_^..

Author's Comments:
Title: "Uninvited"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Uninvited by Alanis Morissette
Video:Ayashi No Ceres
Running time:4:56
Genre:Action, Drama, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2006-04-07
xvid    4:56  On A-M-V.org
Here is a remake video I had made and just finished. Way better than the first one. I say that I have approved in my music video making.

Author's Comments:
Title: "All About Us"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:All About Us by Tatu
Video:Chrono Crusade
Running time:3:19
Genre:Drama, Romance, Action
Downloads: Released: 2006-01-28
xvid    3:19  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Damaged"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Damaged by Plumb
Video:Ah My Goddess (Movie & Ova), Mahoromatic
Running time:4:08
Genre:Drama, Romance, Sentimental
Downloads: Released: 2006-01-07
xvid    4:08  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Rush"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Rush by Aly & Aj
Video:Kaleido Star
Running time:3:16
Genre:Action, Drama, Fun
Downloads: Released: 2005-12-27
xvid    3:16  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Addicted"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
Video:Chrono Crusade
Running time:4:02
Genre:Drama, Action, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2005-11-07
xvid    4:02  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Torn"
By: niwa-kun
Song:Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
Video:Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien
Running time:4:20
Genre:Drama, Romance, Character Profile
Downloads: Released: 2005-10-18
xvid    4:20  On A-M-V.org
Video: Torn Anime: Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Song: Torn Artist: Natalie Imbruglia Creator: Niwa-kun

Author's Comments:
Title: "Before I'm Dead"
By: JenCM18
Song:Before I'm Dead by Kidney Thieves
Video:Ayashi No Ceres
Running time:4:34
Genre:Action, Drama, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2005-10-04
xvid    4:34  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Zetsumo"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Game by Ayumi Hamasaki
Running time:4:50
Genre:Action, Drama, Parody(alternate story)
Downloads: Released: 2005-09-24
xvid X264  70.6 M  4:50  On A-M-V.org
This is by far my most ambitious project to date. Its a fast paced action oriented drama telling a seperate fabricated story from that of the anime by using techniques like Rotoscoping, Masking and overlaying. Lots of custom effects and addrenaline pumping synchage to keep you happy ;p Also my highest rated video on the org.

Author's Comments:
Title: "For You"
By: JenCM18
Song:For You by Staind
Running time:3:37
Genre:Action, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2005-06-23
xvid    3:37  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "舞-Reason (Mai-Reason director's c"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:My Reason by Spiritfall
Video:Mai-Hime (My HiME)
Running time:4:42
Genre:Action, Character profile, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2005-05-24
xvid  76.2 M  4:42  On A-M-V.org
This Director's cut version is the same as the video below, but with better effects, better audio editing, Better story coherency and bigger res file ( on the org database), and some added scenes. The file hosted locally here is a smaller 512x288 resolution version, that will be available for a limited time. (until a new video is released ;p)

Author's Comments:
Title: "Only when I lose myself"
By: JenCM18
Song:Only when I lose myself by Depeche Mode
Video:Sailor Moon Stars
Running time:4:38
Genre:Drama, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2005-04-05
xvid    4:38  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "大切な思い"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Till the last tear drop falls by Blaque
Running time:3:53
Genre:Sentimental, Dramatic Romance
Downloads: Released: 2005-03-20
xvid  47.2  3:53  On A-M-V.org
This video was started as practice for my Otakon entry, which would also be to chobits, but turned into a project on its own. The video was fairly easy to create since It used footage only from 3 episodes, and centered on the relationship between the 2 Yumi's and the Baker Ueda-san. Concept is he lost his first love, (persacon Yumi) and is reluctant to fall in love again, but in the end decides to give his heart to the human Yumi and decides Persacon Yumi will live on in his heart as a precious memory. Many people don't like this song, so its not as popular as some of my other videos. I think female fans will enjoy this video more.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Angel's Redemption 2: The circle of sin"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Various by Evanescence, Jared Hudson, Sephire and The wingless
Video:Haibane Renmei (Charcoal Feathers Federation)
Running time:5:48
Genre:Character Profile, Drama, Instrumental, Horror
Downloads: Released: 2005-02-20
xvid  68.4 M  5:48  On A-M-V.org
Sequel to Angel's Redemption 1 in concept... Not a direct sequel to the first on in story. The concept in this one however is to be portrayed in somewhat of a mini movie feel. Like a short story. Effects are prominent as well as allot of synchage, but more subtle than the first one. My Most technically advanced, and highest rated video to date, Recommended, though not very high replay value for most people.

Author's Comments:
Title: "~Swallow~"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Swallow the knife by Story of the Year
Video:Now and Then, Here and There (Ima Soko ni Iru Boku)
Running time:4:38
Genre:Character Profile, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2004-08-18
xvid X264  30.8  4:38  On A-M-V.org
Dedicated to a special friend, she requested the song, and I chose the anime to go with it. Concept follows the turmoil and sadness that goes on in the series, and how the characters "swallow" the bad stuff and continue to live despite everything. Promotes "Never give up" attitude. A Popular video, recommended.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Angel's Redemption"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Doom2 - Bloodbath by Mazedude
Video:Ayashi No Ceres (Ceres, Celestial Legend)
Running time:4:56
Genre:Action, Horror, Instrumental, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2004-04-24
xvid  75.7MB  4:56  On A-M-V.org
Effects and adrenaline fest in the form of drama, Concept was to time as much action and scene changes to the song as I could, resulting in a somewhat hectic and adrenaline pumping telling of the story. This is one of my most popular videos and highly recommended. May need to watch it a few times to get the whole story, since I tell the story from about 6 different aspects and switch between them allot in the video.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Run away with me"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Echo by Trapt
Video:Castle in the sky
Running time:4:38
Genre:Sentimental, Dramatic, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2004-04-02
xvid  75MB  4:38  On A-M-V.org
One of my personal favorites from the old days of my editing (which isn't really that long ago) I worked allot to perfect this video, but it didn't really take off as far as popularity goes. It may be the song, or its combination with the anime. though it works, people probably don't expect it. I recommend at least giving it a try though. This is the video I started to get more serious about editing my projects with a fine tune comb to get it as perfect as possible. My Forth video created.

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