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Author's Comments:
Title: "Stary Knight"
By: bakadeshi
Song:Everytime we touch by Cascada
Video:Star Driver
Running time:3:26
Genre:Action, Fun, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2013-12-11
xvid X264    3:26
This is a love triangle video between the 3 stars, following more a original story with the song than that of the anime.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Tales"
By: aimoaio
Song:Wake Up Your Heart by KENN with The NaB's
Running time:5:37
Genre:Action, Fun, Upbeat
Downloads: Released: 2012-06-25
xvid X264    5:37  On A-M-V.org
More info can be found on org link. (I wrote a lot xD)

Author's Comments:
Title: "Time Waits for No One"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Illuminated by Hurts
Video:Chrono Crusade
Running time:3:26
Genre:Sentimental, Drama, Romance, Action, Character Profile
Downloads: Released: 2012-05-17
xvid X264    3:26
Is about the time chrono and rosette have left, that the time don't wait and the video shows what they have gone through and what Rosette had to go through with her brother, so that's about the story line of it. enjoy!

Author's Comments:
Title: "The Fame Monster"
By: aimoaio
Song:Bad Romance, Monster, Alejandro, Dance in the Dark, Teeth, T by Lady Gaga
Running time:9:54
Genre:Action, Drama, Character Profile
Downloads: Released: 2012-05-02
xvid X264    9:54  On A-M-V.org
Lady Gaga MEP

Author's Comments:
Title: "The Contract"
By: AimoAio
Song:Miss Murder by AFI
Video:Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Running time:3:26
Genre:Action, Drama, Character Profile
Downloads: Released: 2012-03-16
xvid X264    3:26  On A-M-V.org
Made for AMV-France Online Contest

Author's Comments:
Title: "Guilt"
By: Neverend
Song:Guilt by Nero
Video:Kara no kyoukai
Running time:2:05
Downloads: Released: 2011-06-12
xvid X264    2:05
It's awesome.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Today & Tomorrow"
By: AimoAio
Song:Tomorrow by SR-71
Video:Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Running time:3:55
Genre:Action, Character Profile
Downloads: Released: 2011-03-23
xvid X264    3:55  On A-M-V.org
Made for Kazemon15's birthday ^^

Author's Comments:
Title: "Save Yourself"
By: AimoAio
Song:Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back by My Chemical Romance
Video:Highschool Of The Dead
Running time:1:50
Genre:Action, Horror
Downloads: Released: 2010-12-30
xvid X264    1:50  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Immerse"
By: AimoAio
Song:Witchcraft by Pendulum
Running time:4:31
Genre:Action, Serious
Downloads: Released: 2010-11-25
xvid X264    4:31  On A-M-V.org
Time is running out.....

Author's Comments:
Title: "Stand My Ground"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Stand My Ground by Within Temptation
Video:Buffy the vampire slayer
Running time:4:10
Genre:Drama, Action
Downloads: Released: 2010-03-26
xvid X264    4:10
Enjoy the video!

Author's Comments:
Title: "You gotta grab the sky!"
By: rikuchii
Song:Chain by Back On
Video:Tengen toppa gurren lagann
Running time:3:40
Downloads: Released: 2010-01-06
xvid X264    3:40
Actiony video centering on the 4 main characters Kamina, Yoko, Simon, and Nia.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Project AuN 2009"
By: bakadeshi
Song:Custom Touhou Mix by Touhou Kaeidzuka
Video:Various Sources, Custom Animation
Running time:
Genre:Action, instrumental, Fun
Downloads: Released: 2009-09-25
xvid X264      On A-M-V.org
Our first Studio MEP showcasing each editor's talent and style.

Author's Comments:
By: bakadeshi
Song:Madder by Groove Armada
Video:Soul Eater
Running time:3:58
Genre:Action, Dance, Fun
Downloads: Released: 2009-09-21
xvid X264    3:58  On A-M-V.org
A fun Upbeat Random-Actiony video to the anime Souleater :O

Author's Comments:
Title: "Seventh heaven"
By: bakadeshi
Song:I'll Atack by 30 Seconds To mars
Video:Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers (Movie)
Running time:3:08
Genre:Romance, Action, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2009-09-19
xvid X264    3:08  On A-M-V.org
Its just a simply edited dramatic action video to the Eurika Seven movie, mostly following the story of the movie with a few little tweaks.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Unlimited EXE"
By: Kain-x-spirits
Song:Opening Movie ( Tekken3 intro ) by Keiichi Okabe
Running time:1.37
Genre:Action, Instrumental, Serious
Downloads: Released: 2009-08-09
xvid X264    1.37  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Broken Tone"
By: -bl-
Song:Audiovisualism by DJ Sharpnel
Video:Chaos;Head (cg)
Running time:1:13
Genre:Action, Horror
Downloads: Released: 2009-05-27
xvid X264    1:13

Author's Comments:
Title: "Everlasting"
By: Niwa-kun
Song:Kiss Me Sunlight by Zone of the Enders
Video:Noein - Mou Hitori no Kimi e
Running time:2.05
Genre:Serious, Other, Action
Downloads: Released: 2009-05-12
xvid X264    2.05  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Oh Glory"
By: JenCM18
Song: by Paramore
Video:Elfen Lied
Running time:3:19
Genre:Action, Romance, Drama, Serious, Characpter Profile
Downloads: Released: 2008-09-12
xvid X264    3:19  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Lets just be SUPER CUTE GIRLS!"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:ah ah by Anna INSPI Nana (Black Stones)
Running time:3:20
Genre:Fun, Action, Dance,
Downloads: Released: 2007-08-03
xvid X264    3:20
A fun Fast paced video dedicated to all the cute girls in anime. This is a sync and flow video, no Story or Plot whatsoever. Just enjoy the ride :o

Author's Comments:
Title: "Shards of Faith"
By: jade_eyed_angel
Song:Meant to Live by Switchfoot
Video:Chrno Crusade
Running time:3:33
Genre:Action, Drama, Horror
Downloads: Released: 2007-04-24
xvid X264    3:33
sexyness! O:

Author's Comments:
Title: "Stuck on the Battlefield"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Battlefield by Vanilla Ninja
Running time:3:25
Genre:Action, Drama, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2007-04-20
xvid X264    3:25
This video was completed on 4-20-07.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Twenty Four"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:"24" by Jem
Video:Daredevil and Elektra
Running time:4:05
Genre:Character Profile, Action, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2006-07-27
xvid    4:05
Video I had just completed 7-27-06. I kind of rushed the ending, but it looks good all the same.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Shattered Dreams - Hinamori Momo's story"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Angels by Within Temptation
Running time:4:08
Genre:Character Profile, Drama, Action
Downloads: Released: 2006-05-18
xvid    4:08  On A-M-V.org
This is a character profile on Hinamori Momo from bleach, the vice captain of the 5th squad, and her relationship with Aizen and Hitsugaya. The video is told from the point of view as being in her head as she lies in comma in her hospital bed. The events in the AMV is what led to her being there.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Uninvited"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Uninvited by Alanis Morissette
Video:Ayashi No Ceres
Running time:4:56
Genre:Action, Drama, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2006-04-07
xvid    4:56  On A-M-V.org
Here is a remake video I had made and just finished. Way better than the first one. I say that I have approved in my music video making.

Author's Comments:
Title: "All About Us"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:All About Us by Tatu
Video:Chrono Crusade
Running time:3:19
Genre:Drama, Romance, Action
Downloads: Released: 2006-01-28
xvid    3:19  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Rush"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Rush by Aly & Aj
Video:Kaleido Star
Running time:3:16
Genre:Action, Drama, Fun
Downloads: Released: 2005-12-27
xvid    3:16  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Addicted"
By: SacredArrow18
Song:Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
Video:Chrono Crusade
Running time:4:02
Genre:Drama, Action, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2005-11-07
xvid    4:02  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Double Trouble"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:She's a rebel by Greenday
Video:Tsukikage ran
Running time:2:00
Genre:Fun, Action
Downloads: Released: 2005-11-06
xvid  45.6 M  2:00  On A-M-V.org
This was originally an ironchef video that I just finished quickly, so the quality of editing is not upto par with my usual works ;p Still a pretty fun video IMO.

Author's Comments:
Title: "Before I'm Dead"
By: JenCM18
Song:Before I'm Dead by Kidney Thieves
Video:Ayashi No Ceres
Running time:4:34
Genre:Action, Drama, Romance
Downloads: Released: 2005-10-04
xvid    4:34  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "Zetsumo"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Game by Ayumi Hamasaki
Running time:4:50
Genre:Action, Drama, Parody(alternate story)
Downloads: Released: 2005-09-24
xvid X264  70.6 M  4:50  On A-M-V.org
This is by far my most ambitious project to date. Its a fast paced action oriented drama telling a seperate fabricated story from that of the anime by using techniques like Rotoscoping, Masking and overlaying. Lots of custom effects and addrenaline pumping synchage to keep you happy ;p Also my highest rated video on the org.

Author's Comments:
Title: "For You"
By: JenCM18
Song:For You by Staind
Running time:3:37
Genre:Action, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2005-06-23
xvid    3:37  On A-M-V.org

Author's Comments:
Title: "舞-Reason (Mai-Reason director's c"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:My Reason by Spiritfall
Video:Mai-Hime (My HiME)
Running time:4:42
Genre:Action, Character profile, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2005-05-24
xvid  76.2 M  4:42  On A-M-V.org
This Director's cut version is the same as the video below, but with better effects, better audio editing, Better story coherency and bigger res file ( on the org database), and some added scenes. The file hosted locally here is a smaller 512x288 resolution version, that will be available for a limited time. (until a new video is released ;p)

Author's Comments:
Title: "Angel's Redemption"
By: Bakadeshi
Song:Doom2 - Bloodbath by Mazedude
Video:Ayashi No Ceres (Ceres, Celestial Legend)
Running time:4:56
Genre:Action, Horror, Instrumental, Drama
Downloads: Released: 2004-04-24
xvid  75.7MB  4:56  On A-M-V.org
Effects and adrenaline fest in the form of drama, Concept was to time as much action and scene changes to the song as I could, resulting in a somewhat hectic and adrenaline pumping telling of the story. This is one of my most popular videos and highly recommended. May need to watch it a few times to get the whole story, since I tell the story from about 6 different aspects and switch between them allot in the video.

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