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Title: "Second Chance"
By: jade_eyed_angel
Song:The Days by Avicii
Running time:3:40
Genre:Romance, Drama

Inuyasha's second chance, will it be happier than his first?
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Downloads: Released: 2015-09-04
xvid X264    3:40

July 22th, 2015:
Most videos will now stream the high quality h264 encode as the default preview if your browser supports html5. There is no more need to upload a preview flash file for previews unless you want older browser support (which will fall back to the flash player if a preview file is present). Also, file uploads are currently broken, I'm working on a replacement method to upload new videos to the site.

July 20th, 2015:
Finally got around to fixing the site after my provider broke it when they upgraded the database software on their servers. AuN Studios is not very active anymore, so you will likely not see this site updated very often. I plan to keep it around for archival purposes and if I or any of the other semi-retired members decide to release a video in the future. In the meantime, I am still fixing some parts of the site that still do not work right, but at least it is somewhat browsable now.

June 21st, 2011:
It's been awhile since we had any new updates, most of us has been really busy with various stuff these last couple of months so we didn't have much time to spare. Nonetheless, I'll be updating this page more often now since it's summer and all, and also I got some exciting news to announce.

Since Februari, we had a discussion about recruiting new members to our family. We originally thought of taking in 2 members but we ended up taking 4 members instead.

I'd like to welcome Neverend, Laerium, Pocho and Rubeeh to AuN Studios!

Glad having you guys in the family! Looking forward to your works.


October 3rd, 2010:
Please welcome our newest member to the team, Chiisus! To find out more about her or check out her videos, see her link in the member profiles to the right. We are excited to see what she brings to the studio in the days to come. -deshi.

August 23rd, 2010:
Since Deshi haven't updated the site for awhile, I'll do him the favor :p Unfortunately, we haven't got any news surrounding our 2010 AuN Project for a good while, sorry for bearing the bad news but the project will be cancelled for this year. We really hope we can deliver something at the end of the year at least, if not then I'm afraid you will have to wait till next AWA for that to happen. Sorry once again for those who have been looking forward to it, we just have a lot going on recently and I hope you guys understand.

Other news:

Project Alter: Multi Editor Project which has been floating around the org community for awhile will be premiered at AWA Expo and NDK, so don't miss it!

Involved in the project: Niwa, Mamo, Chiikaboom, Crossfade, Kain-x-spirits and ZetZu

Immerse: AimoAio new video and her very first serious action video to date. She has been working really hard on experimenting new methods in term of editing, and while doing that shes been improving a lot. I'm proud to say that our girl here has grown into a fine... I shouldn't tease her. :p

The video also be premiered at AWA Expo and NDK,


June 23rd, 2010:
Havn't updated in a while eh... AWA is just around the corner now, New vids will be comming as usuall, Aswell as a possible new Project AuN for 2010. There may also be a panel. Depends on how many of us will get to actually attend. look forward to em :3

Sep 21st, 2009:
The AuN Panel was a huge success, aswell as our participation in the AWA contest for this year. AUN managed to bring home 4 awards, Best Drama, Best Fight, Best Action, and Best Upbeat! These new videos will be released in a few days, after our members recover from the trip and is able to encode and upload them. The studio MEP will also be made available for those who missed it at the panel. Look for it in a few days!

Sep 09th, 2009:
The schedule for our panel at AWA has been confirmed, You can find us in the VAT Room, during the 3:00-4:00PM bracket on Friday. We hope to see you there!

Sep 1st 2009:
It is confirmed, AUN will be running a panel at AWA this year. We will be showing our latest works as well as Premiering an AWA exclusive studio MEP we have in the works! Don't miss it! (check back for scheduling, or look for us in the schedule for the VAT at con time!)

Also, Welcome our newest member Rikuchii! She has been helping with artwork related stuff (Ayumix2 3D character design, and custom animation for the AuN MEP) for the studio for quite some time, and so we just decided to add her. She's planning to release her first video very soon aswell :O

July 30th 2009:
AWA 2009 is just around the corner now, and some of our Members (Deshi, Niwa, -BL- and possibly others) are planning to be there! Ofcourse we'll also be premiering videos this year as-well! You may catch us in the VAT room! -Deshi.

July 29th 2009:
Now Otakon is behind us, and although we didn't get to attend, We did bring back a second place mention, with our new video Soul Groove! "Soul Groove" will be available around mid august, as its creator is making final adjustments and may also make an appearance at AWA 2009. -Deshi.

July 11th 2009:
Site Updates!
Made some changes to the forums in an attempt to deter spammers. Cleaned up spam from forums aswell. Will upgrade forums in the near future aswell. -Deshi

June 11th 2009:
Site Updates!
Streaming is now live! Click on any vid entry and if streaming is enabled for that vid, just click on the poster to begin watching. I will be encoding and uploading all the rest of the vids during the next few days.

Some new interface tweaks and graphic updates aswell. Let us know what you think and any suggested additions in the forums! -Deshi

June 10th 2009:
New video: Feel Alive from

Check it out! -Niwa

June 3rd 2009:
More good news, AuN now has its 9th member, AimoAio! She recently got our attention with her latest Fan trailer to the awsm anime ToraDora. We liked it so much that apon checking out her previous works and realizing there is alot of potential to be had here, invited her to join the studio,? and she gladdly accepted. :O

May 28th 2009:
New video: Broken Tone from

Check it out! -Niwa

Welcome our new member ZetZu to AuN Studios!? Watch out, the Europeans are taking over :O - Deshi

May 25th 2009:
Finally we got some good news! Welcome our new member Kain-x-spirits to AuN Studios! Hes been improving a lot recently so we decided to take him in :) Check out his works! -Niwa

Site Update: Did some minor updates to the site code.? Expect some more improvements in the near future.? Artwork section is being worked on aswell. -Deshi

Oct 12th 2008:
Welcome our new member -BL- to AuN Studios!? He shares my interest in using 3d in AMVs,? thus my favorite video from him right now is Lacrima,? But check out Dream Theater (:3) and his other works aswell.? -Deshi

Oct 11th 2008:
I've been making some changes to the backend to modernize some of the scripts.? Most visitors to this site won't notice any difference,? but aun members will see some changes to their video upload and editing pages.? -Deshi

Sep 22nd 2008:
We've just returned from an awesome time at AWA 2008! new Videos shall be released, and Pictures will be posted soon.

Sep 21st 2008:
OnyxDragon has decided to branch off from AuN to form a new studio with some friends. We wish him luck in his new ventures, and thank him for his contributions to AuN Studios!.


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